Fluoride Removal System - SORB 09™

Fluoride, in dissolved form, can be found in well water sources for drinking water. High levels of fluoride can effect bone structure and lead to teeth discoloration.

The SORB 09™ fluoride removal system is a fixedbed adsorption process for the removal of fluoride onto solid activated alumina. Treatment is conducted with a downward flow through two adsorber vessels in parallel configuration. The process is regenerative, using a weak caustic soda solution.

SORB 09™ Process Design
- Treats a maximum of 20 mg/L of fluoride
- Feedwater pH is reduced to 6 to allow for efficient fluoride adsorption
- Blended water pH is neutralized to near its original pH
- Uses a 6-step media regeneration and conditioning process
- Spent regenerant fluoride precipitation is available if the solution can not be discharged to a wastewater treatment plant

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