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We take caring for the environment very seriously. Since we live, work and play so close to water, harmful bacteria must be removed for the sake of our health and for the health of future generations.

Our commitment to our clients is that we take all necessary measures to ensure wastewater is treated properly and recycled wherever possible. Our team of first-class, licensed wastewater operators and highly skilled technical solutions engineers can address your unique needs and provide solutions that can lead to improvements in purification and uses for the waste products removed, saving energy, time and resources.

Our wastewater operations and maintenance services (O&M) contracts range in terms from two to 20 years and can include treatment, collection systems, biosolids management and combined sewer systems. Laboratory services and customer service functions may also be included. Renewable energy technology is also possible through solar energy solutions. Experienced and well-trained project managers operate and manage each facility. To learn how Severn Trent can provide wastewater solutions for your community, click here to find contact information for your local/regional team.


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