Client Testimonials

PHOTO three men wearing hard hats
“The Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton have entrusted Severn Trent to operate and maintain the Town’s water and wastewater treatment facilities for many years and have found Severn Trent’s management and staff to be competent, professional, and very attentive to the Town’s needs. Most recently Severn Trent subcontracted and managed the installation of an automatic screen system for the Big Elk pump station at the Elkton Wastewater Treatment Plant, a much needed improvement to the plant, and their excellent management of this project further attested to the competence and professionalism of this company to achieve successful results in record time. We sincerely appreciate the many fine services that this company extends to the Town of Elkton and our community.” ~ Lewis George, Town Administrator, December, 2015
“Severn Trent manage our operation like it is their own.” ~ Mark Weinberg, Senior Vice President, Red Rock Utilities, July 2015
“Severn Trent has been an excellent and responsible operator. They have been given opportunities to be proactive and they have done so.” ~ Alfonso Rodriguez, Director - Community & Economic Development Division, Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, July 2015
“Severn Trent are very efficient and professional. The staff and management are very courteous. They deliver a great service, not only to us, but to our customers too. I highly recommend Severn Trent.” ~ Rev Michael Jiles, Director of Public Services, Plaquemines Parish, La., July 2015
“In the 25 years I've been responsible for wastewater treatment plants, bringing in Severn Trent was the best decision I ever made!” ~ Frank D'Ettorre, Executive Director, Johnstown, Pa., July 2015
“Severn Trent has resources, such as engineers, that you can utilize in addition to those focused on operation and maintenance tasks. They also have their own equipment that can help us reduce costs. Their local relationship is very professional and is what we would expect it to be. It is as good as we could expect.” ~ Jason Grey, Director Water and Wastewater, Danville, Va., July 2015
“They are a company with integrity and multiple layers of expertise that any city can benefit from if they are looking for an operator of their water and wastewater treatment plant.” ~ Mark Skiles, City Manager, Clinton, Ok., July 2015