Water Desalination & Pretreatment

Due to widespread global water shortages, population growth, urban and suburban sprawl, and more, the world is struggling to maintain access to a pure, potable supply of water for both municipal and industrial applications. With proper treatment, seawater can be reused for beneficial purposes such as drinking water, agricultural and landscape irrigation and industrial processes, enabling communities and countries to stretch limited freshwater supplies.Technological advancements within the water treatment market have transformed desalination into a competitive purification technology for the production of potable water from seawater. Severn Trent Services has been providing water desalination and pretreatment treatment solutions such as membrane filtration systems and underdrain filters for drinking water filter floors, for more than 25 years. 94% of the world’s water resides in the sea – desalination will continue to provide water for varying purposes and recharge groundwater supplies on a global scale.

To learn more about our disinfection, filtration and process solutions for water desalination and pretreatment applications, select the appropriate technology grouping.

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