Capital Controls® Gas Feeders

Capital Controls® gas feed systems have feed capacities ranging up to 200 kg/h or 10,000 PPD and can be cylinder, ton, wall and floor mounted depending on the application. Chlorination and gas feed systems are commonly used for disinfection in water, wastewater and industrial wastewater applications.

Gas Feeders - Cabinet
Capital Controls floor cabinet mounted gas feeders are vacuum operated and designed to conveniently house a combination of gas feed equipment and controls. The cabinets enclose the gas flow control components and are constructed of ABS with a textured, easily maintained finish.

- Capital Controls Series 3700 skid mounted 
- Capital Controls Series FX4800/4900 
- Capital Controls Series FX4000 
- Capital Controls Series FX4400 
- Capital Controls Series FX5500
- Capital Controls Series WX4100 wall mounted

Gas Feeders - Wall Mounted
The Capital Controls Series WP840 gas feeders are wall panel mounted and vacuum operated. Six different flowmeter capacities ranging from 10 to 500 PPD (200 g/h to 10 kg/h) provide versatility in meeting gas flow requirements. The wall panel includes Capital Controls’ automatic valve, gas flowmeter, controller and differential pressure regulator mounted on the corrosion-resistant, heavy-duty panel.

Gas Feeders - Pressure
Severn Trent Services developed the Capital Controls ADVANCE Series 600 gas pressure chlorinator or applications where electricity, used to operate a booster pump, and water pressure, required for ejector vacuum operation, are unavailable.

Gas Feeders - Vacuum
The Capital Controls product line was the pioneer of the all-vacuum gas feeder. Vacuum regulators are designed for manual or semi-automatic gas regulation. The design principle has become the worldwide standard for the safe feeding of toxic gases such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide and ammonia.

- Capital Controls Model 480 gas chlorinator
- Capital Controls ADVANCE Series 200 gas feeder
- Capital Controls Series NXT3000 gas feed system

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