Capital Controls® Ejectors

Severn Trent Services offers a variety of ejector systems that are critical to the operation of an all-vacuum gas feed system. If the ejector is improperly sized or malfunctioning no part of the gas feed system can operate. An ejector system is composed of an ejector; ejector operating water supply; vacuum line from the ejector to the gas feeder and ejector discharge system.

An ejector has two important functions; generation of operating vacuum and solution generation. The ejector is designed to produce a specified vacuum to move gas from the supply system through the gas feeder, dissolve the gas into the ejector water supply system and provide a solution to the point of application.

Severn Trent Services offers four different ejectors to meet individual application requirements: fixed orifice, anti-siphon, High Pressure DIAFRAMLESS® and variable orifice. Each ejector is designed to provide the necessary vacuum to feed the required capacity of the chosen feeder, and care has been taken to provide materials of construction compatible with the gas being fed.


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