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Severn Trent Services manufactures a complete line of industrial and municipal scrubbers. Our EST™ product line includes both wet and dry scrubbers for emergency gas abatement, odor scrubbers, particulate scrubbers, and a complete line of systems for industrial installations. In addition to standard designs, Severn Trent Services also offers completely custom designs to suit your application. We also offer a wide range of materials of construction to handle even the most corrosive environments.

EST Corporation was acquired by Severn Trent Services in 2001.

Emergency Scrubbers
Severn Trent Services’ EST emergency scrubbers are engineered, tested and proven for use in applications where the potential exists for the accidental release of heavier-than-air hazardous gases such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases. The EST product line includes both wet and dry scrubbers for emergency gas abatement from 150-pound cylinders or one ton portable container.

Dry models
- EST Type DES
- EST Type DHS

Wet models
- EST Type SW: SideWinder
- EST Type ESW: Ejectorless SideWinder
- EST Type ECS: Ejector Venturi/Packed Tower
- EST Type MVP: Multi-Venturi Packless

Odor Scrubbers
EST wet odor control scrubbers are engineered to treat malodorous gases emanating from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.

- EST Type SOS: SideWinder Odor Scrubber (air rates from 250 to 20,000 CFM)
- EST Type VPT: Vertical Packed Tower Scrubber (air rates up to 65,000 CFM)

Particulate Scrubbers
Severn Trent Services offers a line of EST standard and custom engineered wet scrubbers and scrubber systems for control of both particulate and gaseous emissions. Equipment offered by Severn Trent Services includes ejector venturi scrubbers and scrubber-separator systems, ejector venturi package scrubber systems, packed towers and packed tower package scrubber systems, ejector venturi, packed tower combination systems, high energy venturi scrubbers and high energy venturi package scrubber systems, and several types of spray and tray scrubbers. The equipment is available in a wide range of sizes and materials.

Wet scrubbers are used to absorb soluble gases into water or other liquids such as solutions of caustic or acid, and to remove particulates from gas streams by contacting with water or other liquid.

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