Utility Districts - Texas

Severn Trent Services understands Texas’s utility districts and their need for water and wastewater operation and maintenance.

With more than 35 years of experience serving utility districts in Texas, Severn Trent has the strength and stability districts and their residents can count on for reliable operation and maintenance of their facilities.

Serving more than 150 utility districts, a partnership with Severn Trent provides:

- Professional operating personnel
- Access to technical expertise
- Stabilization and long-term reduction of total service costs
- Effective utilization of existing facilities
- Protection of assets through maintenance programs
- A culture dedicated to safe operation
- Regulatory compliance with state and federal guidelines

Severn Trent’s approach to customer service and its impact upon residents can be just as important as how we operate and maintain your facilities. The people who receive these vital services can count on us to be accessible and responsive to their needs.

The Districts we serve, their residents and visitors deserve the finest in water and wastewater management. Severn Trent’s dedication to innovation, efficiency and high quality creates the perfect combination for optimal management of your facilities. Our local managers are empowered to address District’s needs and can draw upon the stability, strength and institutional knowledge of a well established company focused on utility operations and maintenance. With each District, we strive to form a partnership working toward a common goal of safe, compliant and efficient operations.

Severn Trent’s services to utility districts include:

- Water Treatment and Distribution
- Water Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
- Wastewater Treatment and Collection
- Wastewater Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
- Meter Installation, Reading, Inventory and Change Out
- Utility Billing, Collection and Customer Service
- Preventative and Predictive Maintenance Programs
- Pump and Lift Stations
- Asset and Capital Management
- CCTV Inspections
- Water and Wastewater Line Vacuum Cleaning
- Leak Detection
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