Tertiary and Wastewater Treatment Systems

The key to the success of any wastewater program is to employ technology capable of producing advanced wastewater treatment plant effluent that is safe and cost effective. Tertiary filtration and disinfection of secondary effluents are the acceptable and prevailing technologies for meeting this challenge.

The need for water resource management program coupled with the occurrence of more stringent water quality standards governing treated wastewater either for disposal/discharge, reuse or reclamation places significant importance on the use of Severn Trent Services TETRA® DeepBed™ filters to successfully produce quality advanced wastewater treatment plant effluents. Severn Trent Services’ complete product line includes application-specific engineered gravity, pressure and modular filters and pre-assembled gravity deep bed filters. Severn Trent Services offers the TETRA® T Block™ and TETRA® SNAP T™ underdrain filters for wastewater applications. Their proven designs provide superior distribution for both water and air, separately or concurrently.

TETRA® DeepBed™ pressure filters are custom designed to meet the unique criteria of each application. These pressure filters feature filter rates up to 15 gpm/ft2 or 37 m/hr, they are automatic in both filtration and backwashing cycles, with the filter as a stand-alone operation. Flexibility is built into the state-of-the-art control systems to allow operator input to change to manual or automatic modes. TETRA's DeepBed pressure filters combination of nozzle-less filter bottom and spherical monomedia provides special benefits for the industrial market. Systems are efficient in removing oils and grease from influent waters.

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TETRA® DeepBed™ Tertiary Filtration System

TETRA® SNAP T™ Underdrain Filters


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