Chemical Chill System

Mining and metals processing applications using liquid chemicals for disinfection purposes will require a safe and stable means for chilling and storing of the liquid.

Liquid chemicals, such as ammonia and sodium hypochlorite, require a safe and stable chilling and storage method to prevent degradation, chemical property breakdown and off gassing.

The ClorTec® LiquidChem Chiller™ liquid chemical chill system is an ideal solution for these applications. The system accurately, reliably and uniformly feeds chemicals by using a consistent suction head and eliminating injection pump vapor lock cavitation. The ventilation system vents and releases gas directly into the atmosphere, preventing the possibility of check valve or vacuum relief valve failure. Unlike other systems, the easy-to-install liquid chemical chill system does not require pressurized storage of liquid chemicals. The storage tank is insulated to maintain the chemicals at low temperatures, stabilizing the solution so they cannot volatize.

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ClorTec® LiquidChem Chiller™

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