Capital Controls® Safety Accessories

Severn Trent Services offers system accessories to further promote the safe use of our Capital Controls® line of vacuum, pressure and automatic gas feed equipment. Safety accessories include automatic shut-off systems and vent exhaust gas arrestor systems.

Capital Controls® Cyl-SAFE – Automatic Shut Down System
The Capital Controls Cyl-SAFE automatic shut down systems enables users of gas cylinders to meet UK Health & Safety guidelines for the safe isolation of potentially dangerous chlorine & sulphur dioxide gas cylinders. With the unique advantage of a limitation in torque, the Cyl-SAFE System ensures that cylinder valves are protected from damage from the ratchet assembly. The concept of the Cyl-SAFE provides for ease of installation and operation, thus ensuring the system is simple but highly effective. The Cylinder shutdown equipment provides an automatic, safe and reliable means to shutdown and isolate chlorine gas cylinders in the event of a gas leak. This signal can be generated from a variety of sources including a gas detection monitor, a remote Emergency Operation push button or an additional remote shutdown signal.

Capital Controls® VEGA™ Vent Exhaust Gas Arrestor
The Capital Controls Type VEGA is a disposable chlorinator vacuum regulator vent gas arrestor designed to treat occasional chlorine gas vent releases that normally accompany chlorine container changeovers. The field-tested VEGA prevents nuisance tripping of chlorine room air sensor alarms; helps compliance with local, state and federal code restrictions against exhausting chlorine fumes outside of a building; and keeps the building free from chlorine-related acid corrosion.

The VEGA is a 5-gallon (19 liters) HDPE disposable container of chemically impregnated media designed to react on contact to convert chlorine to harmless landfill disposable salt. Under normal operating conditions, the VEGA system has an operating life of approximately one year. Once exhausted, the entire system can be disposed of in a non-hazardous landfill.

Severn Trent Services recommends two VEGA arrangements: single-system and stacked-system. The manifolding of two or more regulator vents to a single VEGA is discouraged due to back pressure concerns.

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Capital Controls® VEGA™ Vent Exhaust Gas Arrestor

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