Arsenic Removal System - SORB 33® Adsorption

Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical found in the earth’s crust, but can be dangerous to humans when released into drinking water supplies as rocks, minerals, and soils erode. Meeting the 10 ppb standard for arsenic in drinking water supplies is easy when using the SORB 33® arsenic removal solution.

The SORB 33® adsorption arsenic removal system reduces arsenic contamination across a range of water treatment application sizes. The SORB 33 arsenic removal systems have been commercially proven to effectively and economically meet arsenic removal standards globally. The SORB 33 arsenic removal system is simple-to-operate and requires minimal labor, it consists of one or more pressurized vessels constructed of steel. SORB 33 systems can accommodate flow rate capacities of 4.5 m³/hr or 20 GPM to 273+ m³/hr or 1,200 GPM+ per system. Smaller systems are available through the SORB 33 ARS Series, a standard pre-engineered product line of arsenic removal systems designed in five different filter vessel sizes ranging from 1.1 m to 2.1 m or 3.5 to 7 ft diameter to treat 17-204 m³/hr or 75 - 900 gpm.

In all SORB 33 systems, contaminated water enters the vessels and passes through a robust ferric oxide arsenic removal media, Bayoxide® E33 (granular) or Bayoxide E33P (pellets). As water passes through the media, arsenic is adsorbed and removed to a level below 4 ppb. The system requires no cleaning, no regeneration and no complex, labor-intensive steps.

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