Arsenic Removal Media - Bayoxide®

Bayoxide® E33 dry, robust ferric oxide arsenic removal media was specifically designed with a high capacity for arsenic, providing long operating cycles and low operating costs. The Bayoxide media was designed with a high capacity for both arsenic (III) and arsenic (V). The media also adsorbs antimony, cadmium, chromate, lead, molybdenum, selenium and vanadium. The media’s life expectancy is dependent on site specific water quality and operating levels with change-out typically needed between nine and 36 months. Performance guarantees on media performance are available. The exhausted arsenic removal media is non-hazardous and can be sent to a landfill, passing Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedures (TCLP).

Arsenic adsorption capacity for Bayoxide media is not very pH sensitive. However, for alkaline waters — above an 8.3 pH — capacity can be significantly increased and operating costs reduced via pH adjustment of the feed water. Chemical consumption costs add only about 5-10% to operating costs in order to increase the Bayoxide media capacity and reduce media replacement costs by 40-80%.

Severn Trent Services recognizes that continuous improvement is essential. To this end, Severn Trent Services and our partner LANXESS are currently trialing new and improved versions of the already proven Bayoxide media variations.

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Bayoxide® Arsenic Removal Media

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