Higgins Loop™

TETRA® Higgin's Loop™ ion exchange system is a continuous countercurrent ion exchange (I-X)contactor for liquid phase separations of ionic components using solid exchange (I-X) resins. The TETRA Higgin's Loop ion exchange system is a great enhancement for I-X applications when compared with fixed bed and fluid bed systems. The Higgin's Loop system will efficiently utilize the resin capacity, uses less regenerant and fresh water, generates consistent product quality, and minimizes wastewater volumes. The technology offers greatly expanded ranges for the use of I-X resins and adsorbents in commercial separations. The Higgin's Loop ion exchange system is a vertical cylindrical loop, containing a packed bed of I-X resin that is separated into four operating zones by butterfly, or "loop" valves. These operating zones — adsorption, regeneration, backwashing and pulsing — function like four separate vessels.

TETRA® Higgin's Loop™ Key Benefits

- Reduced operating cost and waste volumes
- Reduced capital costs and resin inventories 
-  Simple, automatic operation
- Consistent product quality
- Processing of concentrated solutions
- Long resin life 
- Countercurrent contacting minimizes water usage and waste generation

Product Categories:
  • Industrial Process Equipment >> HPI/CPI Processing
  • Industrial Process Equipment >> Mining & Metals Processing
  • Industrial Process Equipment >> Oil & Gas
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